Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Calculated stupidity. I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but with Ab Hon, it somehow seems to fit. As Forrest Gump says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

In light of his being included in the lawsuit of the victims of Apuron/Edivaldo/Tenorio, Hon finally got around to acknowledging that there are indeed grievances against our child-loving archbishop and his goon squad up on the Hill. These are grievances for rape, molestation, defamation, and threats of excommunication—not just complaints that upset the herd (or in this case, flock).

Well, imagine that. Grievances from real-live victims. And in preparation for those victims of Apuron who have not yet come forward, Hon in all his Curial brilliance appointed a Capuchin to be the go-to man for the Archdiocese. But given that Apuron is a Capuchin, appointing another Capuchin as the liaison for victims is like expecting people to report a police chief's corruption to his secretary.

This is quite possibly the stupidest move yet by Hon. Really, your Eminence? Not just a priest, but a priest in the very same order as Apuron? Of all the people on island to be chosen, you had to choose a priest? And among priests, it had to be a Capuchin? And among Capuchins, it had to be Fr Patrick Castro? THAT's your plan?

Don't get me wrong--I love the Capuchins, and my pastor for years is a Capuchin. Nevertheless, with all due respect to Fr Pat himself, Hon is using him in the most shameless way possible, and he's letting it happen. Our apostolic administrator’s realpolitik is now capitalizing on the “good reputation” of the Capuchins (that’s “good reputation” compared to NCW presbyterial types that none but the Kiko Kool-Aid drinkers trust). But in the end, the Capuchins will pay a heavy price for going along with this, regardless of their best intentions. Caught in Hon’s web of ambitious trickery, they risk losing what credibility they have, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Added to that is the problem of Fr Pat himself who—like Fr Jeff—is a nice guy.  So nice he's uninspiring (the sight of him with Hon at the press conference was precisely that--uninspiring to the point of making me chuckle). Fr Pat is too nice to say, “No thanks, I’m not going to betray victims nor my brother priests just so you can go back to Rome and be made a cardinal.” So that smiley face put out there by most (not all) at the press conference is a whole new level of problem. And it’s a whole new level of stupidity since the Capuchins seem to be quite willing to be put in the position of being left holding the bag.

So what’s the alternative? Simple: find someone on Guam—preferably a layman/laywoman—with some knowledge of helping the abused and knowledge of their legal recourse. THAT person can coordinate from there. To send people directly to a priest—especially a Capuchin priest—is ridiculous even at first glance. Even a child can see that.

It’s not a matter of caring nor compassion, nor of clerical representatives being there to make up for wrongs done by others. All of that is just to ease the Archdiocesan conscience, not to mention civil culpability.

No, this is a matter of the most suitable agent being in place for a very difficult task. Yes, this person must be suited to helping those who come forward, but they must also be suited to getting those who need help TO COME FORWARD now that Apuron practically dared them to come forward and threatened them in case they did (as did Hon, for all these weeks, by his refusal to saying anything contrary to the malice of Apuron and those who speak for him).

Hon’s sleight-of-hand at that news conference was just a reaction to being sued, and we all know it. Even if people buy it, so what? Does it undo the harm done in any way to the victims? No. But since Hon has given every indication of being all awash in NCW theology, apparently he doesn’t believe in anything more than demanding that others forgive without do anything to bring about the healing required for forgiveness. Kind of like the Sacrament of Confession without the confessing or contrition part.

Here's a quick kindergarden example. Instead of saying, "I retract thus-and-so" and "this isn't how I feel about thus-and-so," how about a simple, "I'm sorry. I really am sorry about how all this went down. I'm going to do what it takes to fix it."

So what is Hon playing at? Is he stupid? I’m guessing no, but apparently he makes really stupid moves in the name of proving he's clever. Or is it clever moves to prove he's stupid? All his calculation is designed to make himself a hero by pacifying us dumb natives like he’s buying our mineral rights for pretty glass beads. But he does it with such a cavalier attitude that he's like a doctor who sees you bleeding and tells you it's all in your head. Talk about malpractice.

On the surface his "stupidity" is obvious, so that gets me thinking: is he crazy like a fox? Or like Apuron, is his lust for being a cardinal so great that he’s fully in Kiko Arguello’s pocket and will do anything--ANYTHING--to make everything harmonious and to his personal benefit?

For the record, I say it's stupidity, but if it's not, then it's evil, plain and simple. And if that's the case, then everyone with Hon is participating in a demonic deception. That is a terrifying thought. Out of charity, let's just call it stupidity. For now at least. 

Pray the Good Lord that this stupidity will eat itself. But that devouring will gladly include those priests who acquiesce in the name of go-along-to-get-along. I almost feel sorry for Fr Pat and the Capuchins. Hon's stupidity like this always has a steep price tag for everyone involved. This involvement in Hon's scheme will not end well for the Capuchins. Mark my words.

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