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(Martin Luther or Kiko Arguello? Luther of course, but there's not much difference)

I really do try to stay off the NCW blog since debating almost never convinces anyone who's intellect is darkened. But then this little number below showed up in my inbox from a reader, and I checked it. Even now, I'm a little stunned:

Initial Comment:

Appearing  mysteriously? Wait, not God? God appears in the Eucharist?

Then another reader follows up, and sees the problem:

I still can't believe it. Diana admitted flat-out what we've been accusing all along.

To to be clear: when one of her commentors denied that the Eucharist is quite literally God, another person tried to let Diana correct herself, but Diana sees no need for correction. Because it's all ok with her. 

So when we see Diana's reaction to Chuck's post on the Kiko's Tabernacles, it's because she sees the Eucharist as sacramental, but in the most nuanced way. It's Jesus, but not God. Really? Or how do you mean?

Yes, it's a sacrament--the greatest of sacraments, but it's also God Himself under the accidents of bread and wine. Diana knows that the Church teaches this, so this can only be her denial.

And the follow-up commentor tried to give her the chance to correct, but no dice. So that's it. According to NCW, the Eucharist is not God. Belief that It is God is just silliness. 

And that's EXACTLY why we can never relent on this. Protestantism indeed.

THAT's why they receive the Eucharist sitting. If they really believed that was the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, they'd never be so bold as to treat it as a meal. And THAT's why Apuron referred to "the breadiness of the bread." Because ultimately, that's all it is. 

I'm not going to give some lengthy analysis on this because every 2nd grader who has received First Communion knows this stuff. Quote the Catechism all you want, but it won't hide such denial any more. Just like the NCW's assertion that the Blessed Mother is an obstacle to Christ, it's all a spiritual sickness, and using the Catechism to try to teach contrary to the Magisterium shows how lost these poor souls are.

This is why we've begged the priests to return to complete faithfulness to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you don't, all of this will continue, and where will our poor Church on Guam be? Souls are lost every day, and we must stand up for Christ. All of us.

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