Saturday, February 25, 2017


Enjoy this obvious but much needed piece from the Wall Street Journal...

"I have seen and heard enough. We must get rid of everything ugly and stupid from our churches, most of it visited upon them since the great iconoclasm of the 1960s. What’s needed is genuine art that stirs the imagination and pleases the eye, that entices the soul with beauty before a single word of a sermon is uttered."



Ai adai, dear readers,

please pardon the silence of the past few weeks.  This has been a time of prayer, reflection, and self-examination. Previously, I published posts regarding the problem of reliance on Pope Francis for defense of the Faith. Now, the issues are so great that they transcend the man and have prompted a material (though not yet formal) schism in the Church.

Things will only get worse.

In the meantime, remember that faithfulness to Christ means faithfulness to the Tradition, especially the sacraments. Pop-alatry (or Papolatry, if you prefer) is not the answer. Obedience to the Pope is paramount, to be sure, but when the Pope preaches heresy, then perhaps we must stand firm until he recovers his senses, if not his faith.

Until then, read all you can and prepare for the 100th Anniversary of our Lady of Fatima's miracle of the sun.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


This just in from the excellent 1 Peter 5:

Liberation theologian Leonardo Boff, who delights in reducing the Gospel to a Marxist-Catholic revolution--to what must be assumed is the delight of Pope Francis based on the "South American worldview" so lovingly asserted by the National Catholic Reporter, among others--gives us an insight into what the Pope has on his mind.

Click the article to see the article:

It's no wonder Kiko gets bolder and bolder. 


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Now that I’m back from my little retreat with the Greek Fathers, I thought I might bring along a warm, New Year’s greeting from Pope St Pius X whose words are the bookends for my little adventure. In his seminal encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, the holy man of God warned about Catholic modernists and the resulting destruction of the Faith that we see bearing its most bitter fruit that is the Neocatechumenal Way. It's almost like he has spoken to us straight from Heaven with Kiko and Carmen in mind (bold and underline mine):

Thursday, September 15, 2016


In my final post of KIKO’S DEFORMED VIEW: A PRIEST-LESS CHURCH, I made note of what is almost everywhere called the radical break between the pre- and post-Vatican 2 Church (also called the hermeneutic of rupture). I made the comment that if there is radical rupture, it is caused by vague language intended for understandability but resulting in theological confusion and liturgical chaos. Indeed, the language of theology, of liturgy, and of the Church, is very specific, very technical, and very precise. It must be so. Often enough, souls really do hang in the balance.

[And if there IS a rupture of doctrine between pre- and post-conciliar Church, then Magisterium is broken, and infallibility is off the board. In other words, we as Roman Catholics are SOL.]

So with a mind of living up to his name, a reader has asked for a clear example of any Vatican 2 document that is vague so perhaps we can be convinced that I’m not making all of this up.  So here you go.

Monday, September 12, 2016


The contents of this post are solely the opinions of myself and do not reflect JungleWatch or anyone else, but only myself. Any error or misstatement is my responsibility alone. 

Kiko Arguello, my hands-down fave for cult leader

By now, we all know that the NCW has built itself into a parallel church, but even more to the point, a competitor church with a competitor Christ. We have discussed not only the grievous heresies espoused by them, but also their guiding principle: that the Church is all about Man, and that the Incarnation has absolutely nothing to do with the reconciliation of God with Man. There is only community, and all of the last 1700 years of Church aren't worth anything now that Kiko's here. 

From there, it’s not a big stretch to convince those caught in Kiko’s web that they are special, that they have some secret, original teaching. This, combined with the equating of the NCW with the One True Church, means for a member to consider leaving them, or even disagreeing or questioning in any way, is abandonment of Christ. 

Then of course the Diana posts screen shots of Popes JP2 and Benedict XVI to justify the NCW position, even though we can show that there's NO WAY either JP2 or B16 knew NCW theology beyond surface stuff (CDF never ever approved it). The NCW also loves winding up with quotes from Pope Francis, who in speaking off-the-cuff betrays serious theological problems. In other words, Francis may well be materially in heresy (it's not up to me to say he is formally so, since I am not competent as a layman). They aren't Magisterial statement, but Kiko relies on the assuming of Magisterium to bolster his position, credibility, and power.

Just take a quick look at THE LIST and you’ll see there’s absolutely nothing Catholic about the NCW—and it’s not even a complete list.

All that's left is to see why the bishops let the NCW and other like them get away with all of this demonic, soul-crushing stupidity? In other words, how can bishops like Apuron and Hon and Filoni rally behind any group who espouses such great heresies?  Are they that galactically stupid, or is there something else there?

1P5: If Your Faith is Endangered by Francis...

This just in. Very well said and definitely worth a read.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

[NOTE: Because of the very serious nature of the subject matter, I’ve extended this from being Part 5 to Parts 5&6. This is done to make it not so overwhelming as well as to make sure I’m not misunderstood and accused on heresy or schism. Any errors or misstatements in this or any article on is my own fault and in no way a reflection of the opinions on JungleWatch.]

This is the part of the series on the Kiko’s theology that I have dreaded having to write. It’s subject to being confusing or seeming to contradict Magisterium in some way. Anyone who knows me or has read what I post knows that I am always aware of this, and when there’s any hint of “tension,” I’ll always err on the side of “Well, the Church has spoken…”

So here’s the problem: we have clearly demonstrated that there are profound problems in Kiko’s theology, and this flows out into everything the NCW touches. Yet, Rome still seems to tolerate it, if not give the impression of welcoming it. How is this possible? Is Rome tolerating heresy, or has Catholic theology changed such that the Magisterium now reverses itself?*1

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Clown mass: Just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

To Archbishop Hon and all the priests of Guam: 

We at JungleWatch have done all the work for all of you in the clerical state on island. Thanks to the great work of Chuck White, LaPaz, and others, we've gathered up the evidence and left for you a trail that a child could follow in the dark. You have only to take a few seconds to see that not only are core beliefs of the NCW heretical and their liturgical practices sacrilegious, but on some points even blasphemous. So busy you hadn't heard about it? Well, let's catch you up. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


If Diana's blog had a family crest

Ok, I'm pretty much ready to wrap up this five-part series on the NCW, its paradosephobic bad theology, its broken Christology, and its natural terminus in pride and injustice. It's long work for you to read and digest, but it's important that we know what we're up against. 

In other words, there's a big steaming pile of Kiko we've stepped in, and right now if feels like we're not getting our shoes clean for a while.

But one thing has been bothering me, so I thought I'd put it out there for your consideration.